Orion Sunrise

by Mike Hanley



released February 25, 2016

all songs by Mike Hanley



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Mike Hanley Maine

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Track Name: All The Visions Coming at Me
all these vision coming at me
its like a electric magnet forces
somebody go and wrangle the horseless
we've got a lot of work to do today

all the trials were recorded
you don't have to worry about berry baskets
all the girls were invited
tribes a cliff took my vow

some of the sacred things we're finding
send the nucleus to the commonest people
I come correct when I reflect
dreams of the furniture not been ordered yet

fit in the time make a bit puff a bit
ruin froufrou the town with ibex fumes open
pick it up shut up pi put it in they rabbit true
I rearrange nuke forces
if you need me to celebrate please arrange and i will orchestrate

this is the day your life will....

check yourself
find dreams
dream away
notice that
can cooperate
stay low
these drams are official now
unto town
helium stick if butter
please arrange
all the fields in the correct order
can through the fields filling the app data
look at etch amassing things we can do with beat speak
we cant elaborate cause the magical mind can coniferate

cherkoferate the dreams
and we might find another day
stop all of the problems if we just celebrate and rectify

why even try sometimes when it seem like the chips are down and yore stuck in a rut
these are the times
to blast right up
from the hole
find the open door in the back of the steamy club
just like in Logan's run
escape the terror dome
and you find the way to live in with all 18 of us
up in the robot
18 of us in the robot

radar and handsome
Track Name: Each Other on the Planet
In a universe so big
big is not big enough to describe it
where is love
is there enough love to fill it

such a fall from grace
the humane race
once the reason for existence
then a footnote in the cosmos

we don’t know what will happen in the future
we are floating in space and time

relative to your heart
so much is lost
but what matters is

we find
each other on the planet